Private Care Consultants

Consultants working privately at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital have been granted private practicing privileges. Consultants are charged for all facilities used, or Chelsea and Westminster Private Care will invoice the patient directly for use of facilities. Consultants do not receive any incentives, direct or indirect, from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital when undertaking private practice.   

To make an appointment with our Consultants please call 020 3315 8484 or email where our dedicated private patient team will arrange an appointment  that suits your needs. 

Adult services

Bariatric (weight loss) surgery Mr Gianluca Bonanomi
Mr Evangelos Efthimiou
Mr James Smellie
Mr Jeremy Thompson
Burns Miss Joanne Atkins
Miss Isabel Jones
Mr Jorge Leon-Villapalos
Cardiology Dr Julian Collinson
Dr Sam Kaddoura
Care of the elderly Dr Iñaki Bovill
Dr Peter Kroker
Dr Michael Pelly
Dr Richard Morgan
Colorectal surgery Miss Sarah Mills
Mr Oliver Warren
Mr Emile Tan
Professor Paris Tekkis
Craniofacial surgery Mr Simon Eccles
Mr Niall Kirkpatrick
Mr Juling Ong
Mr Chris Abela
Dermatology Dr Nilesh Morar
Dr Sarah Riaz
Dr Nerys Roberts
Dr James Shelley
Dietetics (not consultant-led) Emer Delaney (Senior Dietitian)
Kelli Edmiston (Specialist Dietitan)
Helen Stracey (Dietetics Service Manager)
Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Mr Elliot Benjamin
Mr Jonathan Harcourt
Endocrinology Dr Michael Feher
Dr Daniel Morganstein
Dr Kevin Shotliff
Dr Alison Wren
Fertility Mr Dimitrios Nikolaou
Mr Julian Norman-Taylor
Gastroenterology Dr Martin Benson
Dr Matthew Foxton
Dr Marcus Harbord
Dr Alan Steel
Dr Owen Woghiren
General medicine Dr Iñaki Bovill
Dr Gary Davis
Dr Peter Kroker
Dr Michael Pelly
Dr Richard Morgan
General surgery Mr Nebil Behar
Mr Gianluca Bonanomi
Mr Evangelos Efthimiou
Miss Sarah Mills
Mr James Smellie
Mr  Emile Tan
Mr Jeremy Thompson
Mr Oliver Warren
Gynaecology Miss Cecilia Bottomley
Miss Claudine Domoney
Mr Shane Duffy
Mr Hazem El-Refaey
Mr Dimitrious Nikolaou
Mr Julian Norman-Taylor
Mr Amer Raza
Mr Robert Richardson
Mr Mike Stafford
Mr Nick Wales
Haematology Dr Ian Gabriel
Dr Francis Matthey
Hand Surgery Mr Giles Bantick
Mr Maxim Horwitz
Miss Effie Katsarma
Mr Gordon McArthur
Hepatology Dr Matthew Foxton
HIV/Sexual Health Dr David Asboe
Prof Simon Barton
Prof Brian Gazzard
Dr David Hawkins
Dr Nneka Nwokolo
Dr Anton Pozniak
Dr Ann Sullivan
Dr Christopher Scott
Dr Martina Toby
Maxillofacial surgery Mr Jonathan Collier
Neurology Dr John Janssen
Dr Angus Kennedy
Obstetrics Miss Ayida Gubby
Miss Charlotte Deans
Mr Shane Duffy
Mr Keith Duncan
Mr Hazem El-Refaey
Prof Mark Johnson
Miss Roshni Patel
Mr Amer Raza
Miss Mina Savvidou
Miss Natasha Singh
Miss Vasso Terzidou
Mr Guy Thorpe-Beeston
Mr Nick Wales
Mr Yemi Kuponyi
Miss Berrin Tezcan
Oncology Dr Thomas Newsom-Davis
Ophthalmology Mr Nabeel Malik
Orthodontics Miss Mary Lo
Orthopaedics Mr Simon Ball
Mr Ben Caesar
Mr Sam Church
Mr Rupen Dattani
Mr Charles Gibbons
Mr Warwick Radford
Mr Andrew Roche
Mr Andrew Sankey
Pain Dr Ian Goodall
Dr Rahul Seewal
Dr Ben Thomas
Dr Glyn Towlerton
Plastic surgery Mr Chris Abela
Miss Joanne Atkins
Mr Giles Bantick
Mr Simon Eccles
Mr Rupert Eckersley
Mr Max Horwitz
Miss Isabel Jones
Miss Effie Katsarma
Mr Jorge Leon-Villapalos
Mr Gordon McArthur
Psychiatry Dr Frances Klemperer
Respiratory medicine Dr Gary Davies
Dr Pallav Shah
Dr Suveer Singh
Rheumatology Dr Alex Brand
Prof Margaret Callan
Stroke care Dr Michael Pelly
Tropical Medicine Dr Michael Pelly
Dr Anton Pozniak
Urology Mr Michael Dinneen
Mr Bijan Khoubehi
Vascular Surgery Mr Michael Jenkins
Mr David Nott

Paediatric services

Allergies Dr Wathik Alsaud
Burns Miss Isabel Jones
Mr Jorge Leon-Villapalos
Child development Dr Skandhini Carthigesan
Craniofacial surgery Mr Chris Abela
Mr Jonathan Collier
Mr Simon Eccles
Dentistry Miss Ghaida Al-Jaddir
Dermatology Dr Bisola Laguda
Dr Nerys Roberts
Endocrinology Dr Saji Alexander
Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) Mr Jonathan Harcourt
Gastroenterology Dr Jenny Epstein
Dr John Fell
Dr Warren Hyer
General Paediatrics Dr Ed Abrahamson
Dr Wathik Alsaud
Dr Kingi Aminu
Dr Gary Hartnoll
Dr Yiannis Ioannou
Dr Mike Markiweicz
Dr Jonathan Penny
Dr Charles Stewart
General Surgery Mr Simon Clarke
Miss Dianne De Calawe
Miss Marie-Klaire Farrugia
Mr Munther Haddad
Mr Amulya Saxena
Mr Will Sherwood
Hand surgery Mr Giles Bantick
Mr Maxim Horwitz
Miss Effie Katsarma
Mr Gordon McArthur
Maxillofacial surgery Mr Jonathan Collier
Neurology Dr Maria Kinali
Ophthalmology Miss Luna Dhir
Orthopaedics Mr Stuart Evans 
Miss Alison Hulme 
Pain Medicine Dr Ben Thomas 
Plastic surgery and hand surgery Mr Maxim Horwitz
Miss Effie Katsarma
Mr Gordon McArthur
Psychology - emotional wellbeing and psychological support with general health conditions
Dr Jonathan Gibbins
Dr Aayesha Mulla
 Urology   Miss Diane De Caluwe
Miss Marie-Klaire Farrugia
Miss Nisha Rahman


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