Capital nurse programme

The Trust, in association with Health Education England has developed a unique capital nurse rotation programme. This is a really exciting opportunity to gain significant experience and knowledge providing you with an ideal base from which to build your nursing career.

The 18-month rotation programme involves three six-month placements, for example in:  

  • Paediatrics: Placements will be on the Paediatric Assessment Unit, an elective ward and an emergency ward
  • Surgery: Placements will be on orthopaedics, general surgery, day surgery or theatres
  • Medicine: Placements will be on stroke, care of the elderly, respiratory, endocrinology or gastroenterology wards and the Acute Assessment Unit

These placements can be at a single hospital site or cross-site.

This 18-month programme will lay a foundation on which to build a successful nursing career, consolidating your experience by offering the following educational programme:

  • A preceptorship course
  • A mentorship course
  • A leadership course

You will be given a permanent contract rather than an 18-month contract so that you can stay on to work in the area you enjoyed most, or gain experience in another area.

If you would like to discuss this programme in more depth, please contact Lead Nurse for Recruitment & Retention .


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