Commercial research

Strategic drive

We have a Board level endorsed strategic drive to develop succesful collaborations with industry, through acting as a research site for commercially sponsored research studies, or through leveraging commercial funding to develop investigator-led research for mutual benefit.

Industry service

We have a commercial research specialist within the department whom facilities the initial selection processes, feasibility review, set up (including contract and budget negotiation and service support department authorisations), initiation and on-going performancr management of our commercial portfolio. Additionally, we have a centralised, flexible Research Associate workforce comprised of research nurses, midwives and assistants whom support the delivery of the portfolio.

We offer a simple, streamlined service which is reflected in our performance metrics and feedback:

  • "It has been a pleasure to work with you. Your efficiency is second to none"
    —Pharma representative
  • "You have made the process so simple and easy to navigate. I appreciate having a single point for contact for all start up activities"
    —Contract research organisation representative

Expanded engagement

We recognise the important benefits that our investigators and patients can realise through our commercial collaborations. Recently, we have seen an increase in the number of non-HIV related commercial studies hosted, with wide engagement across many specialties. Commercially active specialties currently include diabetes, obstetrics, dermatology, paediatrics, pain, emergency medicine and ophthalmology.


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