Our values

The Trust has launched its first set of values since merger to patients and members of the public in order to demonstrate the standard of care and experience they are entitled to expect from any of our services. 

These values, which bring together the former values of both Chelsea and Westminster and West Middlesex hospitals, form the mnemonic proud:

  • Putting patients first
  • Responsive to, and supportive of, patients and staff
  • Open, welcoming and honest
  • Unfailingly kind, treating everyone with respect, compassion and dignity
  • Determined to develop our skills and continuously improve the quality of care

Work is underway with teams in order for them to locally translate the proud values to drive improvements in care and experience. This will include noticeboards in all clinical and corporate areas where teams will detail what they are doing to live the values and the progress they are making against these commitments for the benefit of their patients and colleagues.

Chief Executive Lesley Watts says: “We want to be able to demonstrate to our most important audience—our patients—the invaluable role that each individual working at our Trust plays in delivering them a first rate experience of care at any of our service locations.

“Staff are working hard to bring to life our values in their clinical and corporate areas in order to demonstrate to their colleagues, patients and visitors their commitment to upholding these values for the benefit of those they care for and their pride in working at our Trust.

“I look forward to seeing our values demonstrated across each area of our organisation as we continue to roll out these values in 2017.”

We asked staff to write down what they are most proud of working at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust at our two Christmas open day events at both main hospital sites. Pictured above are some photos demonstrating our pride.


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