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Our values

Our values—'It's who we are'

More than 900 patients, members of the public and staff voted during our 'Who do you think WE are?' consultation to help us define our values in February 2012. Our values were launched in May 2012 during our Open Day and following further focus groups, we have now defined what these values mean in practice.

We want to ensure the highest quality care for those being treated here and the highest quality experience for staff working here. These values and behaviours guide everything we do as a Trust and as individual members of staff. They define the quality of care that patients should expect at Chelsea and Westminster and how we as staff can help meet those expectations.

This graffiti was painted by staff and the public at our Open Day in May 2012.

I will do everything I can to make our hospital as safe as possible for patients, relatives, carers and staff

This means…

  • I adhere to the standards of personal, clinical, and environmental hygiene
  • I am honest and open about safety, and check and report any risks to safety
  • I make sure we have the right equipment and it is working
  • I am careful about moving people or equipment
  • I check that people have everything they need before handing over to someone else or going home

This does not mean…

  • I do not wash my hands at the key points or dispose of waste properly
  • I keep concerns to myself and do not complete a risk form at the right time
  • I assume equipment is available and working
  • I take risks that might injure myself or another person
  • I do not check that people have understood what will happen next and who to contact if they feel unsafe

I will notice when you need help and go the extra mile

This means…

  • I anticipate your needs by understanding your situation
  • I listen to your concerns and do my best to reassure you
  • I show compassion for you in your situation and put myself in your shoes
  • I help with practical needs to make sure you are not embarrassed
  • I make you feel that you and your family have my full attention and you are my priority

This does not mean…

  • I leave things to the last minute until they are urgent
  • I ignore your concerns and don't reassure you
  • I don't show empathy with your concerns or for your situation
  • I don't always check if you need practical help
  • I appear too busy to give you my full attention

I aspire to be the best in all my actions and interactions

This means…

  • I seek to improve my performance and deliver the best outcome
  • I accept feedback and see it as an opportunity for improvement
  • I talk using plain English, make eye contact at eye level and am honest
  • I provide information that is clear, understandable, and consistent
  • I maintain a professional appearance at all times, including wearing my name badge

This does not mean…

  • I tend to do things in the same way all the time
  • I am not open and accepting of constructive feedback
  • I use language you can't understand and avoid being open and honest with you
  • I do not get all the facts before discussion takes place
  • I dress inappropriately for my role and do not wear my name badge

I will treat people as I wish to be treated myself

This means…

  • I introduce myself by name, am polite at all times and greet you by the name you prefer
  • I always try to conduct sensitive conversations privately or discreetly
  • I acknowledge and attend to you, listening to your point of view and ask you what you would like
  • I challenge those who do not show respect to others
  • I am aware of individuals' diverse needs and seek to provide the appropriate support

This does not mean…

  • I am impolite and don't address you by your preferred name
  • I talk about sensitive issues in public where others can hear
  • I do not listen or check what you would like
  • I avoid challenging those who show a lack of respect
  • I am unaware of people's diverse needs and do not make adjustments

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