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Recognising achievements at spring Quality Awards

25 May 2016

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s Council of Governors have recognised and rewarded teams and individuals in the spring Quality Awards.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s Council of Governors have recognised and rewarded teams and individuals in the spring Quality Awards. The awards are presented to individuals or teams who excel in the governors’ priorities, which are patient safety, patient experience and clinical effectiveness. The winners were presented with their awards by governors on 19 May.

Trust Lead Governor Martin Lewis said: “It is always our pleasure to be able to recognise the outstanding work of our staff who have gone above and beyond their normal roles to improve patient care and experience. The winners have all demonstrated the values that we aspire to as an organisation and shown great enthusiasm and commitment to bringing about changes for the benefit of patients both directly and indirectly. I would like to congratulate them on behalf of the Council of Governors and know that their efforts are also valued by the whole organisation.”


Midwifery-Led Team on Kensington Wing

Lucy Coe (Lead Midwife for MLC) and her team introduced a bespoke maternity package available to private maternity patients.  The team’s work has been rewarded with a dramatic increase in patient bookings, bringing additional income for the Trust which will benefit non-private NHS patient care.

Laser Clinic at 10 Hammersmith Broadway

HPV (human papilloma virus) infection can cause harmless (but cosmetically significant) skin growths or warts, but also pre-cancerous changes in infected skin.  The Laser Clinic at the Trust’s sexual health clinic at 10 Hammersmith Broadway meets a previously unmet need and offers an holistic and patient-centred approach, treating all refractory warts and suitable ano-genital pre-malignant conditions in one clinic.  Given the rarity of this type of service, regionally it also presents the opportunity to develop a referral clinic for patients from further afield.

Electronic Document Management Team

The work undertaken by the Electronic Document Management Delivery Team has ensured provision of a single electronic patient record at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital site.  Documentation is complete and stored in one place.  All Trust patient information is available where it is required, when it is required—and now no appointment will be cancelled due to missing notes. Also, referral letters are scanned by the appointments team into the system, reducing the risk of them going missing in transit to outpatient clinics. Patients further benefit because procedures and consultations will no longer be cancelled due to lack of supporting notes. Plans to roll this out at the West Middlesex site are being developed.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Team

The ICU Airway Group team was set up to improve the care provided to patients with impaired airways.  Vulnerable patients now have an airways alert at the head of their bed and an airways alert handover has been initiated—there is improved simulation training for difficult airways, there are new Airways trolleys throughout the Trust, and difficult airways patients are flagged on care plans. This project has enabled the staff to learn as a team in a supportive environment, improving confidence, competency and teamworking skills.

Oliver Lynch, IV Line Practitioner

The Nurse-Led Vascular Access Service at West Middlesex University Hospital appointed a dedicated IV Line Practitioner enabling an improvement of choice of lines, skilled placement of lines and a programme of education for ward staff on optimisation of ongoing care. Oliver Lynch has driven the project and delivered the service. With the implementation of this project—Right patient, Right line, Right time—there is also potential to generate income through training of nurses from other acute trusts and district nurses.