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Council of Governors Committee—Quality Awards Spring 2013

08 August 2013

The aim of the Trust’s Quality Awards are to recognise and individuals or teams who have made a contribution to quality for patients.

The aim of the Trust's Quality Awards are to recognise and individuals or teams who have made a contribution to quality for patients. The Quality Awards are given for work meeting all of some of the established criteria from the Governors including patient safety, patient experience, clinical effectiveness and the Trust values.

This award is open to Chelsea and Westminster Trust employees, or other individuals and teams connected to the Trust's work. The award can be received for a project, an initiative, or a change that staff undertakes that provides enhancement to quality care. The awards are held twice a year. Supported by the Council of Governors', the winners also receive a small financial award to benefit the work of their department. Winners have used their award money in different ways in the past to benefit their work for example, educational materials and patient information.

This five winning teams for spring were chosen for their work and one team was noted to be Highly Commended. The Quality Award winners are being presented with their awards at the July Council of Governors' Meeting by the Chairman.


The Respiratory Physiotherapy Team

Award for: Respiratory Physiotherapy

This work established notable changes to the existing service provision in the respiratory physiotherapy team and also improved new simulation training. The new training was aimed at improving clinical reasoning and non-technical skills for staff delivering care. Overall this work was noted to provide an improved and enhanced service for patients.

The Women's and Men's Health Physiotherapy Team

Award for: Implementation of a men's health physiotherapy service for the treatment of incontinence post radical prostatectomy

This service met several effectiveness and patient experience goals for both male and female patients suffering with incontinence. A targeted survey, a specialist educational course and development of protocols in practice to provide further treatment and improve the quality of life of patients was instituted. This work has resulted in a reduction in patients reporting in incontinence and evidence of positive patient feedback following treatment. Clinical consultants have reported the service is considered 'essential to treatment'.

The Acute Team of Dieticians

Award for: Implementation of the Nutritional Assessment Tool and National Care Pathway to improve adult in-patients nutritional care

The Nutrition and Dietetic Department Acute Team of Dieticians and Electronic Patient's Record (EPR) team established the Nutritional Assessment Score (NAS), related nutritional care pathway, and electronic ward kitchen screens with relevant patient nutritional information. The overall initiative taken over 2 phases has raised the profile of nutritional care and is ensuring all disciplines are committed to positive improvements.

M@D Project Team (Pharmacy)

Improving Medication Reconciliation at Discharge - Closing the Loop

The M@D project has extended an improved process to discharge medicines and 'medicines related problems' for all patients admitted acutely to the Acute Admission Unit and subsequently discharged from any wards. This initiative increased patient safety, effectiveness and patient experience.

Several positive steps have been taken in this work, for example reducing harm from 'medicines related problems' due to incomplete/inaccurate information about medications at discharge and reducing the potential for re-admission due to preventable 'medicines related problems'.

The Domestic Abuse Team

A model for responding to domestic abuse within a healthcare organisation

This team has established several initiatives and the team have received strong commissioning endorsement of their approach in this field this includes:

Development of a Trust Domestic Abuse Policy Trust training in Domestic Abuse awareness and safe practice and enhanced training for high risk cases of domestic abuse and safety planning it include maternity.

Domestic Abuse Links in clinical areas, the development of a Domestic Abuse referral pathway and various other information resources were also achieved.

Highly Commended

There was one final category of 'Highly Commended' that the governors wished to recognise—although the holders of this award are not attending this presentation. This is the Acute Assessment Unit Therapies Team for the 'Acute Admissions Unit Therapies Mapping and Service Improvement Initiative'.

Congratulations go to all Quality Award winners and commendees for their work. The next cohort of the Trust Quality Awards will be launched during September 2013.