Limit your drink and love your liver

10 January 2013

An A&E consultant at West Middlesex University Hospital is speaking out in support of January's Love your Liver month.

An A&E consultant atWestMiddlesexUniversityHospitalis speaking out in support of Love your Liver month (January).

Dr Zul Mirza, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, is reminding people to stick to the recommended alcohol limits to prevent the risk of developing long-term liver disease.

He said: “I see the extreme short-term damage alcohol can do when I treat patients with broken bones and head injuries. But there’s also a long-term risk of developing liver disease that regular drinkers might not think about.

“The liver has many functions to keep us healthy and will work fully into old age but it can become permanently damaged if you continue to drink over the limit.

“You can still enjoy a drink but give your liver a break from alcohol for at least two to three days each week, and stick to the recommended limits when you do drink. Avoid alcohol for 48 hours if you end up having a heavy drinking session, especially if you’re not used to drinking excessive amounts.

“It’s never too late to cut back and improve your liver health. Regular exercise and controlling your weight will also help.

“Liver disease is now the fifth biggest killer in theUK.”   

The recommended alcohol limit for men is three to four units a day (equivalent to a pint and a half of four per cent beer) and no more than 21 units a week.

Women are advised to limit alcohol to two to three units a day (equivalent to a 175 ml glass of wine) and no more than 14 units a week.

For more information and an alcohol unit calculator, go to:

Speak to your GP if you are concerned about your drinking or your risk of developing hepatitis.  

British Liver Trust: