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Chelsea and Westminster Hospital on TV—Monday 14 January

08 January 2013

Experts from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital are featured in 2 TV documentaries on Monday 14 January.

Photo: Patience Willoughby with Chelsea and Westminster staff and TV doctor Dr Christian Jessen from Channel 4’sEmbarrassing Fat Bodies programme

Experts from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital are featured in 2 TV documentaries on Monday 14 January.

Weight loss surgery team get a visit from Dr Christian

TV doctor Dr Christian Jessen visited Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in December to meet Patience Willoughby who is being cared for by our multi-professional weight loss surgery team.

Patience’s story will be featured in the Channel 4 series Embarrassing Fat Bodies at 9pm on Monday 14 January.

The obesity epidemic continues to affect patients’ health, quality of life and has a wider impact on society. Obesity is associated with serious diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnoea, osteoarthritis and complications in pregnancy.

For patients who meet the selection criteria, weight loss surgery can be an effective treatment to lose weight and to improve or cure the diseases associated with obesity.

Chelsea and Westminster has earned a reputation as a centre of excellence for weight loss surgery—we have been providing this specialised service since the hospital first opened in 1993.

We are a ‘preferred provider’ of weight loss surgery for patients living in London, the South East and East of England, which means that we have been identified by an independent group of experts as one of the best hospitals to carry out this specialist surgery.

When plastic surgery goes wrong

Chelsea and Westminster surgeons Mr Niall Kirkpatrick, Mr Richard Young and Mr Jonathan Collier will feature in a two-part Channel 5 documentary series highlighting how the NHS picks up the pieces when cosmetic surgery goes wrong .

Botched Up Bodies, which starts at 10pm on Monday 14 January on Channel 5, shows the three surgeons, and their colleagues at other NHS hospitals and private clinics, working to rectify the results of people's disastrous cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.

Their efforts in many cases are urgently required to address serious health issues created by botched up plastic surgery as well as the more cosmetic and aesthetic considerations.

Michelle Chappell of Channel 5 said: “Botched Up Bodies highlights a growing problem faced by today’s cosmetic surgery industry in correcting procedures that have gone drastically wrong. Some of the cases are truly horrifying and these surgeons are turning lives around.”

Jazz Gowans of independent TV production company Transparent Television, who made the series for Channel 5, added: “We are thrilled to have been able to work on these programmes with such a brilliant team of respected surgeons at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.”

The second part of Botched Up Bodies will be shown at 10pm on Monday 21 January on Channel 5.