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Cardiac centre welcomes its 1,000th patient

14 August 2017

The cardiac unit that opened at West Middlesex University Hospital 11 months ago has treated its 1,000th patient.

The cardiac unit that opened at West Middlesex University Hospital 11 months ago has treated its 1,000th patient.

Mr Alan Clarke, from Isleworth, was somewhat taken aback to be told that he would be making history as the hospital’s 1,000th patient to receive treatment in its cardiac unit when he arrived for his procedure on 9 August.

The cardiac catheter laboratory treated its first patient on 23 September 2016, Mr Kalyan from Norwood Green, who underwent an angiogram, a procedure to photograph the heart and look for any blockages, which is the most common procedure carried out at the unit. Since then the unit has increased the amount and range of procedures it is able to carry out, meaning patients, as well as their family and friends, no longer need to travel to other hospitals for diagnosis and treatment of common heart conditions.

Mr Clarke underwent a coronary angioplasty, a procedure used to widen blocked or narrowed coronary arteries (the main blood vessels supplying the heart) by inserting a special tube, called a stent, into one of his arteries that will improve blood to flow more freely.

After his procedure Mr Clarke said “I’ve been told that my angioplasty was successful and would like to thank all the staff who cared for me. Having this facility at my local hospital makes a real difference as otherwise I would have needed to travel some distance to be treated.”

Mr Clarke is not alone in his praise for the unit with some 99% of its patients saying that they would recommend it to their friends and family. 

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