Meet a Governor

Members of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust have the opportunity to meet their elected representative on the Council of Governors at regular 'Meet a Governor' sessions held at both main hospital sites.

Upcoming ‘Meet a Governor’ sessions

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Sessions take place in the Information Zone, Ground Floor (get directions)—the Information Zone is located next to the coffee shop by the governors’ photo board.

January 2018

  • Thursday 4 January, 11am–12 noon—David Philips (Patient Governor)
  • Tuesday 16 January, 12 noon–1pm—Simon Dyer (Patient Governor)
  • Wednesday 17 January, 11am–12 noon—David Philips (Patient Governor)
  • Friday 26 January, 12:30–1:30pm—Guy Pascoe (Public Governor)
  • Friday 26 January, 12:30–1:30pm—Sonia Samuels (Public Governor)


    • Thursday 1 February, 12 noon–1pm—Simon Dyer (Patient Governor)
    • Thursday 8 February, 2:30–3:30pm—David Philips (Patient Governor)
    • Thursday 8 February, 2:30-3:30pm—Sonia Samuels (Public Governor)
    • Thursday 15 February, 2–3pm—David Philips (Patient Governor)
    • Friday 23 February, 12:30–1:30pm—Guy Pascoe (Public Governor)


    • Thursday 1 March, 10–11am—Angela Henderson (Public Governor)
    • Tuesday 22 March, 11am–12 noon—David Philips (Patient Governor) and 1–2pm—Simon Dyer (Patient Governor)

    West Middlesex University Hospital

    Sessions take place at the Governors’ Desk in the main atrium (get directions)—the desk is located by the governors’ photo board.


    • Wednesday 13 December, 11am–12 noon—Simon Dyer (Patient Governor)


    • Wednesday 3 January, 1–2pm—Simon Dyer (Patient Governor)
    • Thursday 25 January, 1–2pm—Simon Dyer (Patient Governor)
    • Tuesday 30 January, 8:30–11:30am—Nowell Anderson (Public Governor)
    • Wednesday 31 January, 8:30–11:30am—Nowell Anderson (Public Governor)


    • Tuesday 6 February, 1–2pm—Simon Dyer (Patient Governor)
    • Thursday 22 February, 12 noon–1pm—Simon Dyer (Patient Governor)
    • Tuesday 27 February, 8:30–11:30am—Nowell Anderson (Public Governor)
    • Wednesday 28 February, 8:30–11:30am—Nowell Anderson (Public Governor)


    • Tuesday 13 March, 12 noon–1pm—Simon Dyer  ( Patient Governor)
    • Tuesday 27 March, 8:30–11:30am—Nowell Anderson (Public Governor)
    • Wednesday 28 March, 8:30–11:30am—Nowell Anderson (Public Governor)

                        If you cannot attend these dates, please let us know your availability and we will ask a governor to meet you at your convenience—please contact the Foundation Trust Secretary at .


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